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Celebrities Who Have Overcome Homelessness

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Many of the most talented people in the entertainment industry come from modest means. Some struggled for years before finally catching their breaks, making their eventual success that much sweeter. Some celebrities were even homeless before they made it big.

Surprised? Don't be! It only makes sense that those who spend most of their lives on the struggle train skyrocket to success once they finally get off. Hard lives make tough people, and understanding just how hard life can be is often the key to motivation.

You'll be interested to see some of the iconic names on this list, from Jennifer Lopez to Jim Carrey to Shania Twain.

They say those born with golden spoons in their mouths are set up for success, but it's a powerful thing to have to claw your way to the top.

Keep reading for celebrities who have overcome homelessness and become some of the most famous, wealthiest members of our society.