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Famous Movie Babies: Then and Now

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Hollywood is filled with child stars, but what about ones who can barely talk and walk? Yes, we are talking about all the adorable movie babies who have taken the silver screen by storm. Seriously, all those Gerber babies better watch their backs because this batch of tiny darlings left an indelible mark on viewers. In fact, these newborns, babies, and toddlers played important roles in some of the most well-received and timeless Hollywood classics.

Think about it: if all you can do is smile, waddle, and cry your little eyes out, the stakes are even higher to get the shot right. That is precisely why these young film stars have maintained such an enduring and endearing legacy. For them, it was all in a baby’s day of work. For us, we are still reeling over their insane cuteness and floundering onscreen presence. Yet, not all movie babies grow up in front of the public eye. Some choose more low-key lives outside of Hollywood, while others continue to star in front of or behind the cameras.

So what happened to your favorite movie babies? Well, lucky for you, we are tracking down all these cuties to see what they’ve been up to since making their debut on the big screen. Keep reading to find out where these iconic onscreen tots ended up.